December 24
We got the PO Box!!!!! YAY!


Only one update, but it's the one we've all been waiting for! I have the PO Box! Please have people send there letters to:

PO Box 9
Atlas, MI, 48438



The PO Box will be put in the Send it in section as well...

December 20
New Layout! All the credit for this layout goes to De. Thanks De! It looks great. You guys can check out De's website Here.

December 15
Long time no update! We got a new submission....and expect a new layout soon. Very soon actually!
I got a message from Vik:

anyone working on quotes or on the drawings for the site need to get those ready, because I'm going to want those quick as soon as I get the PO Box.

ok...thats it for now!

November 26
Hey guys! Im debby. I'll be helping Vik maintain the site. This layout is only temporary, until i can make the real one! Everythings up, and all's well. So, if you need to contact in the staff section, and my email is